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Top 3 Cheapest Cars

When it comes to getting a car, it can end up being quite expensive; even more so if you’re planning on buying outright or putting down a hefty deposit. Luckily, with no deposit car leasing, you can save yourself a lot of stress and money. We’ve had a look at the very cheapest of the cheap when it comes to car leasing, so you can save yourself even more money! Remember, all of lease cars are available as zero deposit car leasing choices.

Volkswagen Up!
For drivers who want to save money but still want a high-quality car, then the Up is the perfect choice. The Up is a superb city car that is remarkably cheap to run. From the cost of leasing, to virtually non-existent taxing, and low running costs, it’s the best choice for those on a tight budget. You’ll make even more savings too if you got for one of the BlueMotion Tech models, and road tax is completely free. The only downside for the Up is that it does struggle when you take it up to motorway speeds. Cruising around the city however, isn’t a problem at all. The Up is easy to drive, tackles corners confidently, and is super easy to park.

Skoda Citigo
Another contender for the best city car on the market (and one of the cheapest) is the Citigo. It shares a few physical aspects with the Seat Mii and Volkswagen Up, so you know it’s a high-quality vehicle. Incredibly refined and hugely practical, the Citigo is actually surprisingly spacious, given how small of a size it is. This wonderfully practical car has both 3 and 5 door versions available, both of which come with a nippy little 1 litre 3-cylinder engine, 59bhp and 74bhp respectively. On top of all these great points, the Citigo is incredibly cheap to run, and comes with bags of charisma and style.

Toyota Aygo
Another great little city that’s tonnes of fun to drive, is the Toyota Aygo. The great thing about the Aygo is its simplicity and high performance. So although it may be simple to drive, you still get all the quality of bigger and more expensive car. On top of this, it’s cheap to run and tax, so you’ll never have to stress about budget! You can save even more money by going for one of the mid-range trims which are cheaper, but don’t sacrifice too much of the equipment inside. The Aygo can get a little bumpy at times when driving along on uneven roads, and the steering is a bit heavy. But on the plus side it carries speed well into corners and handles itself very well, with a great amount of body control.

Storseisundet Bridge in Norway

Top 5 Driving Destinations Round The World

Storseisundet Bridge in Norway

There’s nothing like a good old road trip to bring family and friends together, especially when the scenery is breath-taking. When it comes to seeing different wildlife, a mixture of terrains, and various attractions along the way, road trips and driving holidays can be the perfect getaway.

Norway’s Atlantic Ocean Road
First on our list is the Atlantic Ocean Road, which is situated within County Road 64 and is built on a bunch of little islands and skerries. The road is only 8.3km (5.2miles) long, but it’s definitely unlike any road you’ve ever driven on before. It features 8 exciting bridges with twists and turns, over brutal waves; this can be pretty scary but equally as amazing. If this isn’t enough, there’s a certain bridge which is perfect for a spot of fishing.

Australia’s Great Ocean Road 
The Great Ocean Road is a highway with a length of 243km (151miles), which opened in 1932. Starting in Torquay and finishing in Allansford, there’s a wide range of tourist attractions along the way, as well as accommodation, so a long stay should definitely be on the cards. If seeing rainforests with koala-filled trees is your idea of heaven, along with the best waves to surf and the cutest seaside towns, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is the ideal road trip for you.

Icefields Parkway, Alberta
If you’re a lover of wildlife, this is definitely the road trip for you, as you have a chance to see grizzly bears, mountain goats, the lynx, bobcats, and many more. The 232km (144 miles) of highway which passes through the valleys, offers fascinating scenery throughout the journey, with Mistaya Canyon and Athabasca Falls being nearby. So there’s a great chance for you to take some amazing shots during an unforgettable day out.

Route 66
This is probably the world’s most famous road, which takes you from Illinois all the way to California. That’s over 3,945km (2,451 miles) of continuous road.  Being one of the most well-known roads means there are also a lot of popular tourist destinations which come with the trip; and they definitely shouldn’t be missed out on. This includes, the Cadillac Ranch and the Painted Desert, which is a key place to visit with its classic Western landscape. The only problem with Route 66 is that it’s not actually featured on current roadmaps, but once you’re on the road, you’re set to go.

Going to the Sun Road
The name kind of gives it away really. The Going to the Sun road is only 80km (50 miles) long, but with the rocky mountains, glacial lakes, forests and green scenery, its 50 miles keeps you wanting more. Of course there are various points of interest such as Lake McDonald and the Weeping Wall, which is great if you want to spend a little more time on this fantastic road.

Looking for the perfect car to accompany you on an amazing road trip? Then you should definitely consider poor credit car leasing. Don’t worry if your credit isn’t perfect, because there are still plenty of options available to you with bad credit car leasing.

White Hyundai i20

Top 3 Cheapest Car Leasing Deals


Not all of us have the luxury of paying out cash straight away for our dream car. However, leasing allows you to do this by hiring the vehicle of your choice for a fixed amount of time, between 12 and 48 months. One of the best things about leasing is that it’s a lot more organised financially, as payments are fixed monthly, which makes it a lot easier to budget for. Poor credit car leasing is available for those with bad credit, and zero deposit car lease deals are also an option. Either way, you’re able to drive away in the car you want for a great price. You can check out some of our cheapest car leasing deals below.

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback
The Vauxhall Corsa is a popular car with great features:
– Good value for money
– Comfortable
– Ideal everyday car

When it comes to leasing a car you’ll be using every day, you need to make sure it’s practical and reliable. The Vauxhall Corsa does just this, and is an all-round cheap car, making it a great value for money. It has a decent amount of tech too, such as power steering, a CD player, and an anti-lock braking system. The Corsa is able to reach 60mph in only 13.9 seconds and has a top speed of 107mph. From £125.97 per month you can lease this perfect everyday car, which is a great money saver, combined with desirable comfort and great build quality.

Chevrolet Spark Hatchback
What you can expect from the Chevrolet Spark:
– High level of comfort
– Good value for money
– Cheap to run

It’s all good and dandy if a car is cheap to lease, but if it then becomes expensive to run, you’ll be pouring money down the drain on fuel. Luckily, the Spark is the perfect example of a car that’s both cheap to lease, as well as being cheap to run. You can get the Spark from £87.97 per month. This little car is incredibly roomy and comfortable despite its small size, and can fit 4 adults in with no struggle. If you want to pay less, but still get high quality from your car, then look no further.

Hyundai i20 Hatchback
The pros when leasing the Hyundai i20 Hatchback:
– Looks great
– Spacious
– Good body control and light steering

The exterior of the Hyundai i20 features amazing looks, and is a wonderfully cheap and reliable car. In terms of practicality, the i20 is one of the best in its class, and the recent revamp of style means that the i20 is now more spacious and stylish than ever. It offers a truly comfortable and relaxed drive too. The Hyundai i20 is available on lease from only £139.97 and is perfect for a secure and stable drive with great style.
White Hyundai i20

White Volkswagen Up

Top 3 Cheap Lease Cars for the City


When it comes to driving in the city, you’ve got to aim to keep it small, for those tiny and hard to find parking spaces. As well as the lack of spaces to park, city traffic can also be a killer, so being in a small car will always help when it comes to darting in and out of traffic. Being fun to drive and cheap to run is an essential for the city cars too, which is where car leasing come in. Zero deposit car leasing is a great option when it comes to getting yourself a new car, as it allows you to drive away in an almost new city car at the fraction of the cost of buying outright.

Skoda Citigo Hatchback
The best thing about the Skoda Citigo is that it offers a lot more room than you would expect. It may be compact, but inside you can comfortably fit 4 people in with a good amount of leg room and an impressive amount of storage space. Keeping it cheap is always a priority, especially when you’re in the city, making the Citigo one of the top city cars, as it doesn’t break the bank and isn’t expensive at all to run. You can lease the Skoda Citigo Hatchback from £83.96 per month, which makes it our cheapest and most practical deal.

Volkswagen Up! Hatchback
Being fun to drive is also one of the key priorities of a car, even more so for a city car. The Volkswagen Up! ticks all boxes when it comes to being the perfect city car, as it offers the desired stylish look and is extremely cheap to run on a whole, as well having the same comfort levels of larger cars. The only down side with this little car is that it lacks boot space, but when it comes to a small car, that can be expected. Costing from £103.97 per month, you can be driving down the narrow streets with no struggle, financially and physically.

Peugeot 107 Hatchback
When it comes to having good looks, the Peugeot 107 has exactly what you want, with its modern and cute design, this car will fit in with the city with no problem. Just like the other city cars, the 107 is one of the cheapest to run and only costs from £112.97 per month, which is a steal. If it’s a supple ride you’re craving, the 107 is ideal, with its fresh looking exterior and simple yet stylish interior; perfect for the city. The negatives when it comes to this little number, is the lack of storage space and equipment. Of course this is a common problem when it comes to little cars.

If you’re looking for cheap city car leasing in Blackburn, get in touch!

Peugeot 107 White

Leasing On A Budget

It’s a known struggle for those who crave the luxury of a car, but can’t actually afford one, especially when cars are vital to everyday life. Adding up the additional costs of day to day tasks on top of having a vehicle, has proved to be a difficult task. But this is where car leasing comes into the picture. Car leasing is also available if you have bad credit, so it’s not a huge deal if you’ve not got an excellent credit rate. We also have a zero deposit scheme too.

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