How to reduce your insurance premium

Getting a new car is such an exciting process but having the burden of insurance on your back can really dampen the mood. Once you’ve found the car you want (you can do this by checking out some of the best car leasing deals), it’s time to get quoted on insurance. If you read below, there are a few factors in which can potentially bring that hefty price back down to a figure which is bearable.


Shop around and compare

The excitement of getting a new car may be way too much to handle, but slow down and shop around! The worst thing you could do is choose the first price you come across – it might be the most expensive. Make sure you look and speak to a range of different companies in order to get the lowest price you possibly can. The difference can be amazing.


It’s a well-known fact that this is one of the best ways to keep that insurance figure to a minimum. If you’ve have a minor accident, it’s best for you to pay for this yourself rather than claiming – you’ll thank yourself in the future. The main aim when driving is to keep your no-claims for as long as you can and it’ll be sure to benefit you in more ways than one – including your insurance.

Consider 2nd/3rd drivers

When adding a second or even a third driver, make sure they’re experienced as this will bring down the cost of your insurance (it doesn’t matter if they don’t use the car often).

Avoid adding inexperienced drivers as this will do you no favours and will send the cost sky high.

Job description – tweak tweak tweak!

This part is possibly the most important part in terms of getting that low insurance price. A good example of this is that ‘Music teachers’ pay up to nearly £90 more than just a ‘Teacher’. £90 may not seem a lot but it all adds up and of course, every little helps when it comes to your insurance. There are a handful of jobs which are seen as ‘high risk’ and ‘low risk’ in which you may have to prepare to pay a hefty amount OR try and tweak!
Mobile Disco Owner: £6,809.57 p/a
Airline Captain: £320.81 p/a

AVOID paying monthly!

This is possibly the most dreaded part of trying to get your insurance ticked off and out of the way. Paying monthly may seem like the easier option but APR plays a big part in this. Depending on where you shop, the APR varies but it always ends up being more expensive than paying the insurance in a big bulk. It may be painful to save, but it’s completely worth it!

Low-risk driving

There are a range of different things you can do to show that you’re not a competitive or reckless driver. This includes taking a Pass Plus test or getting a Black Box fitted. Once you’ve completed these, your insurance will be a lower.
Cheap car leasing is available and is the perfect match for that low insurance quote.