Harrowing Halloween Destinations to Avoid

You hear about these kinds of places. Places where truly horrible and disturbing things have happened. Murder, human sacrifice, ghostly terrors and voodoo taking place in the halls of these harrowing locations. If you are a fan of the macabre and horror, then jump in your car this Halloween and be prepared for truly terrifying experiences.

Pluck up the courage to visit Pluckley, Kent


This little village located in Ashton, Kent has been voted one of the most haunted villages in Great Britain, with around 16 different ghosts, who all have spooky stories behind their deaths. Listen to the locals tell the quivering tales of the ‘Highway man’, ‘Gypsy Woman’ and the ‘Hanging Schoolmaster’ and when you’re ready, visit their locations – but remember, you won’t be alone.

Highway Man: The tale of a man who was killed with a sword by either the law or criminals is incredibly popular in the village of Pluckley. When he got stabbed, the highway man got pinned to an oak tree and there’s been witnesses of the ghost reappearing.

Gypsy Woman: There used to be a gypsy lady who sold watercress that she found in the stream to fellow villagers. She spent her time sat on a bridge, smoking a pipe and drinking gin and one day was ‘accidentally’ burnt to death. Her death is thought to be down to the alcohol and flame from the pipe setting her alight.

Hanging Schoolmaster: This death was due to a suicide. After the first World War, the headmaster from Smarden went missing and was later found hanging from a tree after taking his own life, but there’s been no sightings of a ghost or the tree from which he hung.

Take a hike up Pendle Hill, Lancashire


Pendle Hill is situated in the East of Lancashire, near well-known towns such as Clitheroe, Burnley, Nelson and Colne. If you ever find yourself in this county, be sure to take a hike to the top of the hills and take in the glorious view. But despite this view, Pendle Hill and Pendle Village holds a dark history of witches and sorcery. Pendle embraces its magical history, but if witches is your thing, then take a plunge into a horrors of Lancashire’s cursed village.

In the village of Barley, which is just underneath Pendle Hill, an old cottage has been found which belonged to a witch and her cat. The remains of the cat have been found in the walls and it’s rumoured that the cat was buried alive in order to protect the cottage from evil spirits.
As well as this, one of the most famous witches, Meg Shelton, apparently has been buried there, not once but three times. She died when she was being crushed to death between a barrel and a wall and this is after she dug herself out of the two graves previously. Because of this, they buried her vertical with her head at the bottom with a boulder on top, to stop her from digging out.

If you love a bit of history and something a little bit different to the ‘typical’ ghost stories, Pendle Hill is the ideal place to go – and it’s free of charge.

Stay at night at the Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire


The Ancient Ram Inn is known for being Britain’s current most haunted house/B&B with over 20 different twisted spirits haunting its grounds. The background of this old building is something you’d see in a horror film, but it’s believed that a range of creepy acts happened here, including child sacrifice and devil worship.

There are three main ghosts which constantly disturb the Ancient Ram Inn: a little girl who was murdered, a high priestess and a male sex demon. If you head over to the Inn and stay the night (£25-£30 per night), you’ll get to hear the children screaming, you’ll be touched by the invisible forces and witness other strange activities.

Previous guests have left during the middle of the night and even climbed out of the windows, due to furniture moving, being forced onto the bed by the demons and seeing the little girl wandering the hallways. If this isn’t enough to freak you out, stay there for a night and see for yourself this Halloween.

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