Car Leasing: What are the Benefits?

About Car Leasing

There’s an ongoing argument when it comes to leasing vs buying a car, but really the winner is all down to a matter of opinion. Leasing is undeniably becoming the most popular way of driving a newer car than your current car, which is great for businesses who want to give themselves the professional look they portray themselves to have.
There are a range of makes and models available to lease, including vehicles from Vauxhall, Toyota, BMW and Audi, along with hundreds more. The lease deals often require a deposit but zero deposit deals are available too as well as  bad credit car leasing deals.

There are a few different paths to take with the Personal or Business being the first choice to choose from in which you can either swap, return or buy the car at the end of the contract.

– PCP/BCP (Personal/Business Contract Purchase): With this contract, a deposit is necessary at first and then you pay the fixed monthly payments. Towards the end of the deal, you get the choice on whether you would like to pay the balloon payment, in which the car then becomes your own. Personal car leasing in the UK is becoming more popular for a reason, check out some deals which are available.

– PCH/BCH (Personal/Business Contract Hire): This is one of the most popular paths to choose in terms of leasing. You’re able to pay the fixed monthly payments and a deposit of your choice in which you just hand back the vehicle at the end.

– Hire Purchase: There are three different options you can choose at the end of this contract including ownership, return or upgrade. The monthly payments act as if you’re paying off the value of the car, it’s as simple as that.

– Lease Purchase: A Lease Purchase has the same idea as a PCP agreement but instead of the balloon payment being an option, it’s compulsory.

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