About Us

Cheap Car Leasing was founded with the aim of making the entire car leasing experience fast, simple and stress free. We specialize in bad credit car leasing and no deposit car leasing, so as the experts in our field, we can easily help you to secure a cheap car lease.

We are part of a family-run motor group with over 60 years of motor retail experience; this allows us access to a wide range of cars. Our team will secure your lease and then prepare and deliver your car to you. We also aim to make sure that you deal with the same person, throughout the entire leasing process. This is because car leasing is a very personal experience, and we feel it’s important that we find the right car for you.

So even if you have been declined elsewhere, we are happy to hear from you. We aim to respond to all enquirers within 24 hours.

Send us an enquiry and we’ll be in contact soon.

Team Members

  • Luke Bradley, Hippo Workshop
    Luke Bradley
    Vehicle Technician
  • Dave Shaw, Hippo Workshop
    Dave Shaw
    Vehicle Technician
  • Darren Parkinson, Hippo Workshop
    Darren Parkinson
    Vehicle Technician
  • Andrew Green, Account Manager
    Andrew Green
    Account Manager
  • Jack Watson, Hippo Leasing
    Jack Watson
    Account Manager
  • Gareth Bunkham, Hippo Leasing
    Gareth Bunkham
    Account Manager
  • Caroline Ingram, Hippo Leasing
    Caroline Ingram
    Account Manager
  • Andrew Jenkins, Hippo Leasing
    Andrew Jenkins
    Account Manager
  • Sarah Schofield, Hippo Workshop
    Sarah Schofield
    Service Advisor
  • Gary Wolstenholme, Hippo Logistics
    Gary Wolstenholme
    Logistics Support
  • Amy Hughes, Hippo Logistics
    Amy Hughes
    Logistics Support
  • Chris Edwards, Hippo Marketing
    Chris Edwards
    SEO Executive
  • Tom Preston
    Managing Director
  • Mark Walsh
    Account Manager
  • Alistair Eddleston
    Account Manager
  • Sarah Pounder
    Account Manager
  • Antony Anderson
    Marketing Manager
  • Molly Heap
    Graphics Design and Social